Let the Photos Roll

According to Picasa, we've taken 170-something pictures this month. (Full disclosure, that extraordinary figure does include the gallant pictures of Kristen's salty noodles that Jo took!) Guess that blows the 11 from last January out of the water. We seem to take lots of pictures at this time of year. I'm just glad for digitals. They keep so well and don't cost much when Amy decides to take 29 pictures of the top half of her own head. I didn't really have a point with this post, other than I saw this picture and thought it needed to be posted.
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Becky said…
LOVE that picture- It so needs to be in the calendar next year.
We havnt had as many this month. I dont think we have broken 100 yet. lol
joette said…
170 for the month? Try 170 (or more) on Christmas Day alone. My dad holds that record! Like you said, thank goodness for digital pictures!

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