Being Thoughtful

I've been traveling tons for work lately; so much so that I'm gone much more than I'm around. Last night I got home from a full-week trip to find the following on the doorstep.

It was from my six-year old. If you don't read 6yr-old very well, it says: Dad follw the cards and you may find a clue for the mystery you well do -->. That put a smile on my face right away. When I got inside, I wasn't greeted by the usual D-A-D-D-Y onslaught that comes after a week of being gone. Instead, there was another sign reading: Go up you well find the clue! I went up stairs and followed another arrow to my own bedroom, where the door was closed. When I opened the door, Kristen popped up from under a blanket where she was hiding. It was pretty cute. Then she gave me one last card (wrapped in the proper 6ft of tape, of course):

The card came with lots of hugs and kisses, for sure. I was touched. I'm not normally the hallmark-card type guy who gets all gushy at everything. But this was a pretty nice thing my daughter had done to show me how much she'd missed me during the week. Makes me feel bad for being gone so much lately right now. I'll have to be sure to remember her sweetness today when she has her typical 6yr-old freakout session about some all-important activity (like eating lunch). It seems like they know when you've had it with them and they come through to keep you from sticking on the curb with a 'free' sign. Maybe she will indeed live to adulthood after all! I love my kids.


kevandcan said…
Great post, Chris.
Larry said…
Kristen is full of personality...very cute episode...thanks for sharing.

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