Yes, I Really Am That Special

Hi, I'm back! I've struggled with time or content for some time now, but I think I finally have a good post tonight. For a long time, our home alarm system has been unused because I didn't have it monitored. When we first installed it ourselves years ago, I had it go to my pager whenever it would go off, and my insurance company agreed that it was "monitored" and gave me the homeowners-insurance discount. Cool. Didn't have to pay the $30/month to ADT or anything. But then I joined the 21st century and got rid of my pager, and I really didn't want it calling my cell phone because it would just look like a call from home; no big deal. So we didn't arm it for a long time.

Recently, I got to thinking about getting rid of my landline, or at least moving it to VOIP to get cheaper long distance, but I wasn't comfortable doing that because the alarm needed a line to call on in case of emergency. So I started looking around for newer technologies, and finally found a company that used a broadband connection instead of a phone line. Cool. Long story short, I now have an adapter in my alarm system that will send emails, texts, and even phone messages when the alarm goes off, and it doesn't use my phone line. It goes over my Internet.

Even cooler, I can now arm and disarm the alarm from a web browser or even from my mobile phone. Now that's 21st century! Here's what it looks like in my browser:

So yes, I really am that cool, cuz my alarm is cooler than yours! Now I can arm my alarm all the time, feel safe, and even arm it after I leave home because I always forget.

Oh, and BTW, the service that does this is only $6/month, which seems a pretty good bargain over $30 with ADT. Pretty neato-shmeato. If you're interested, learn more at


kevandcan said…
OK, that really is cool.
Jenn said…
We'll have to look into it, we are hooked up for an alarm system but also didn't want to pay some third party. Thanks for the tip.
Lori said…
Yeah, that's definitely cool- we'll look into it.

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