That's right, the answer is 833!

I took my new GPS trainer on a mtn. bike ride today and now I know the answers to many of life's deepest questions.
  1. How tall WAS that hill?
    1200 feet, baby, but with two loops at the top, it was 1700 feet vertical!
  2. How many calories did that hill burn?
    Yep, 833! I like that number. Now I can eat garbage the rest of the day and feel good about it!
  3. Was I really about to have a coronary?
    Yes. With an avg heart rate of 155 (including at rest), and peak at 176, I really was about to blow a gasket!
  4. Did I look ridiculous at my pathetically slow speed, getting passed by all whole came after me?
    The GPS was hazy on that one, but I have a hunch...
Isn't it good to know? Of course. And now you know too.

Seriously, this mountain bike stuff is SOOOO good. Coming down that hill (at 23.2 mph, since you asked) is adrenaline like nothing else. If you live in CO, you must go ride Hall Ranch. It truly is wonderful.

Thanks for the bday present, Dad.


Deni said…
833 is a great number!!!

I love my Garmin!! We plugged it in after my accident and I can see the exact speed at the point of impact. You were going 23 MPH - I was going the same when the car pulled out in front of me...

Gives you a little bit of perspective.
Lori said…
Ooooh, that does look fancy, how very cool!
Larry said…
Glad you are enjoying it and being so active! Love, dad

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