Cell Phone Greetings

Here's a rant for ya.  Today I'm mad at the automated greetings on the voicemail systems of cell phones.  You know, the part that comes on after your message and says 'press 1 to hear things you don't care about, press 5 to repeat these options, press 7 to order a pizza, press 9 to learn Tongan' and so on.  THEY DRIVE ME CRAZY.  Worse yet, you can "do nothing" and lose 30 seconds of your life that you'll never get back while this prerecorded lady drones on and on about nothing.  The least they could do is give her some super-sexy voice or something.

On some systems, they've had the good sense to make #1 skip all the junk and just go to the message-leaving part.  But apparently there's no consistency in the industry on this, and on other systems #1 does nothing but anger the prerecorded lady and make her repeat everything from scratch, all in an effort to simply tick me off further.  It's working.

Can we not have some consistency here?!

My plea to the mobile-phone industry: please make #1 skip all junk and go to the good part on all voicemail systems.  Better yet, skip all the crummy messages, period.

We should start a petition.  I'm sure there's a conspiracy to be uncovered here somewhere.


Lori said…
Yeah, I think that automated systems mark the downfall of mankind all together. I hear ya brother.
Jenn said…
Worse yet is when you call a french-Canadian business. Then you get 9 options in Quebecois, and then 9 options in English. Blarg!
shelly said…
I am sooooo with you on this one! So frustrating and annoying- I like the way you say it better. :)

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