Addicted to Crack...berry

Well, I've done it. I've taken the plunge to a place from whence I'm surely to never emerge. I just ordered a Blackberry. Because these handheld PDA devices are so addictive, they've been coined Crackberries. In addition to the regular web/mail/IM junk, though, my Crackberry will:
  • be red (very sexy!)
  • have GPS (totally geeky!)
  • have a 2MP camera (totally unnecessary!)
  • tether to my PC so I can be online (either from the device or directly to the PC) anywhere. This will replace my data card I have on my PC now, but will be slower, though a little more useful. (totally mobile!)
  • have a card slot where I can put on 4GB of whatever, including docs, music, etc (totally helpful!)
So the next time you see me, don't be surprised if there's a Crackberry on my person! Now I can be a geek anytime, anywhere (as if I needed an excuse). Why, I'll likely even be asked to fix someone's PC using it at some point!


Becky said…
Geek ;)
thats ok, I will still claim you... maybe.
kevandcan said…
I hate my blackberry. I much prefer my PocketPC anyday. It's not too late to cancel the order...
Jenn said…
I'm addicted to... brick breaker. :)
In truth, my work is ridiculous- they paid for my blackberry but not for the data service (for now) so I have a glorified cell phone which has become a Brick Breaker machine.
Jolayne said…
I like to refer to it as his "fruit" phone. Seems most applicable.

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